Transformation (Part 2)

During the challenges of life we have to keep in our mind that, whatever we are dealing with, is present in our reality, in order to became better on giving solutions and to evolve our way of thinking and doing.

Although, in moments like that the most important factor in handling setbacks and challenges is our own attitude and mindset.

People that overcame challenging conditions welcome them as an opportunity to learn and grow.

They are ready to find a solution and they know that spending their energy analysing why something went the wrong way will not help them to overcame the challenge.

For them whatever they do and whatever they face is just the result of their action and behaviour and if something doesn’t work they are willing to change and try something else.

Their attitude is to take action and to keep themselves unemotionally involved to the current situation.

The ability that someone has to manage their emotions is paramount.

From a state of clarity, our mind is easier to give us a solution or the willingness to try something different.

If we stacked to our emotional stories on why something didn’t have the expected outcome then our mind will support that state of our being.

Is our choice what we decide to cultivate as behavioural pattern in our brain. Neuroscience already explained to us that our brain is plastic and we can learn new behaviours and patterns any time we want to.

But if indulge in behaviours of regret, helplessness, and we see the challenges as failures then by doing that on a frequent basis we cultivate a neurological pattern in our brain that will support whatever that unhealthy experience. The worst is that at some point that pattern became wired in our brain subconsciously and we do not know that we behave like that.

We have the choice to cultivate a different pattern. Taking action is one of the ways that you can overcame your fears or anxiety or any paralysing emotion. People with that empowerment mindset know that if they take action they will turn any worries and concerns into a positive attitude of inspired and focused energy.

Understand that in life they are not comfort zones but only plateaus. And you do not have to stay there otherwise that will create friction to your entire being, your body, your work and your morality.

A human being has to evolve mentally, physically, emotionally and consciously every day. Expect results on whatever you do but be in a state of enjoying the process without letting those expectations drain you emotionally or energetically.

Transformation comes from a different state of being and doing. It came s when we change behaviour, when we don’t complain when things don’t go our own way, by being flexible until we have the results that we want and by responding and not reacting to whatever canes in our path.