Transformation (Part 1)

Wherever you are in your life right now, this is the place you should be. Acceptance of the things you are dealing with is the first step to moving forward.

You may encounter difficult situations, you may have challenging moments with your own self, you may have personal issues to solve (physical, emotional, or mental).

Whatever your current stage of being is, you have to remember one very important thing.

Your current vibratory level of life is only a lesson, an opportunity for you to learn the wisdom from that lesson. A challenge that you have to find a solution for and not complain about.

You most certainly do not like what you are dealing with and your resistance to accepting what you are dealing with creates more friction in your body, your emotions, and your thoughts.

More friction is a result of not accepting, not letting go, not leaving the old behaviours behind and starting afresh from a new level of thoughts and actions.

Only when you surrender to your current level of challenges will you be able to create that space of a pure solution to what you are dealing with.

However, do you allow your ego or your personality to accept that pure solution? Our ego is inpatient and it resists change. It resists the acceptance of new ideas that do not have a place within its own comfort boundaries.

Frustration, then, is an inevitable result of not letting go and your brain will feed you with more thoughts and reasons on why you should be frustrated.

You have to understand that your brain is a mechanism of survival and when you deal with the issues of our modern society, it is not possible to distinguish between what is good or bad for your survival.

Anything that suffocates the behavioural patterns of your life is a threat and it will try to protect you with old memories, actions, and solutions that you were dealing with in the past.

This, understandably, creates an endless loop of old thoughts and feelings that not only give you a clear picture but create more frustration and friction.

Understanding how that works is fundamental to being patient with yourself and your personality. You can only change this if you are willing to change your current mode of operating your life.

You are not a bad person. You aren’t less smart or less worth it but your current behavioural mechanisms and your current way of thinking simply aren’t giving you the result that you may expect.

How do you overcome this?

Start gradually by learning new things and new information. Start learning from other people that have had similar problems to face and learn how they solved it.

You have to be mindful here. I didn’t say copy them, as that would insult your own creative intelligence and intuitive thinking. As a starting point, it is wise to experience and try new things to gradually find your own creative path.

Some things may work quite well and some may not. Do not discourage yourself and be persistent in your efforts. Inspired action is the secret here. And, if you permit yourself to act and think differently to overcome the current inertia in your body and brain, you will start to benefit from new behaviours and actions.

This is the vibrational level you want to be at and this is only the beginning of where transformation can take place.

It is not easy and will take time as your current way of thinking and acting are the result of many decades of past conditioning.

With love,