The formula of 1, 2, 3, 4… steps.

It is amazing how many formulas with certain amount of steps are out there for almost every aspect of our life.

People in pursuit of a happy life, prosperity, health, knowledge, relationships follow anything and everybody who promise the quick method to achieve it. Titles like the following are everywhere in social media platforms and magazines.

  • 10 steps to be a millionaire
  • 5 ways to lose weight
  • 6 steps to find your soul mate
  • 8 ways to build a profitable business
  • 10 steps to overcome stress
  • The 20 steps to have a happy life

and of course many others…

Human beings live every day in very fast mode and try to accomplish as many tasks as possible. Waking up in the morning, going to work , raising a family, having children and take care of them, paying the mortgage , socializing, taking care of their health, planning holidays, maybe saving for retirement and then what has been left?

Do we take time to think about the now, the present moment? Do we take time to ask ourselves if every moment in our daily life makes us feel happy? Do you believe that this is important? The fact that we buy or try to find quick steps means that we want to accomplish what has value for us easily and fast. Have you ever wondered why?

We have been conditioned to want more, to have it all now, easily with 1 step or maybe 20 steps. I recognize that technological advances the last decades made our life easier and more efficient. On the other hand what is the relationship between our happiness and how fast we perform a daily task or how we live our life?

What is that obsession with time? Do you understand that this is a trap of your own mind? Thinking and thinking and thinking about an imaginary future and trying to be there with a number of easy or sometimes not so easy steps.

I do not say that there is not valuable information out there. However a guru or an expert or anybody that shares his/her own way of doing things is describing only their unique own way or perception.

He/she is explaining their own ideas about the way they are experiencing life and achieving results. He/she is describing their own steps about how they projecting their own future. And those steps are working 100% for them, however may not work for you. Because you have your unique life, personality, abilities and gifts.

So what about you? Are you aware who you are and what is important in your life? Be mindful and start using your intuition, your heart, your inner GPS that has every answer and any step that you want to take in order to achieve whatever you want.

By following other people’s steps and their inner GPS you will arrive somewhere at some point .That is for sure. The questions is if this place is where you want to be!

Following your inner GPS is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself. That mean that you have to start trusting yourself. When you start tuning inwards you will be amazed by the answers that you have in terms of finding your own steps to accomplish what you desire.

From our childhood we have been conditioned that in order to accomplish something we have to study books, to attend classes and trainings and to gather certain kind of knowledge and expertise from schools and universities. Up to a certain level it works, however, what about your genius and your inner wisdom? When will we begin to become aware of them and start use them in our life?

We have the answers for our own life but when we try to find them outside of us the result will be more confusion and disappointment. Stop for a moment and be mindful, experiment with your own ideas, your intuition, trust your heart, your feelings, and find the number of steps of whatever you want to experience in your life.

Create your own way of living that make sense to you and follow your own steps by tuning to your inner wisdom. If you decide to follow someone in the market then make sure that this is only a small guidance in order to find your own inner GPS and develop your unique way of living and experiencing life. Stop being a follower and start being the creator of your own life.