Taking the road less travelled.

Sometimes in our life there is a point of where we have to make an important decision. A decision that reflects on how we think, behave, act, feel and live.

At some point, you have to ask yourself if you should still following those around you or if you should start following the inner voice of your heart.

Have you ever thought that the way that you were raised is only one of the many aspects of your personality or your identity?

If you believe that what have been told about yourself, and how you have been raised, then you may lose out on possibilities that are waiting to be explored by you.

From the moment you were born, everybody around you, including your parents, friends, society, school, religion, train and install in your brain their ideas, concepts, beliefs and their way of thinking about the world.

Not all of the beliefs, ideas and behaviours that you learned at an early age were negative or disempowered. Although, Science says that more than 80% of what we learned was not positive.

There is nothing right or wrong with that and they did their best according to their own way of thinking and living.

However, you have to start thinking about yourself and to ask yourself if those concepts empower your life or not.

Now you have come to the point that you have to make that decision. Not everybody is doing that because it takes boldness to lead your life from your inner power and voice of your heart and secondly you have to be aware of your thoughts, actions and feelings.

Are you happy?

Do you live every day from a state of love, inner peace and freedom?

Do you live your life from the aspects of faith, love, hope and charity?


Do you live from the aspects of fear, stress and survival?

At some point, you have to go deep into yourself, deep into your heart and to start listening again to the little child.

Do you remember how it felt when you were 3,4 or 6 years old?

You were focused every day on playing and do my things that were giving joy. You were fascinated in learning new things and you didn’t have time to think about yesterday or tomorrow. You were grounded in the present moment, you were simply living in the Now.

You were designed by your Creator, your God, The Universe, The Void, The infinite Love or whatever else you believe or don’t believe in to live in Joy, to experience new things, to love, to play and to create.

Why do you have to conform? Why do you have to imitate others? Why do you have to belong in a box made by certain rules, perceptions and beliefs that you never asked yourself whether they benefit your life or not.

At some point in your life you have to step out of your comfort zone , you have to change and connect again with this little child inside you.

The inner child is waiting in your heart, talking to you but you are busy with your mental voices. The inner child is Your 6th sense , is your unlimited potential that is waiting to be experienced , is your power from within.

Are you ready to take the road less travelled?

Changing behaviours, the way of thinking and living and following your heart is not the easier decision that someone can take. You learned to think differently and to follow others, to play it safe and to belong to the box.

However, following the unknown path, you will start living again and experiencing new possibilities about your life.

Are you bold enough to give yourself the gift of a new way of thinking and new way of living?

It is worth remembering that when you begin to change, people around you may resist your changes.

You have a choice not to fall back in to old ways, not to conform to their beliefs and perceptions in order that you have their love and acceptance.

Love yourself first and accept yourself and they follow you. Be willing to change, to follow your dreams, to go out of the social consciousness box.

Remember this is your journey. Some people are ready to change today. Some in a few years´ time and others in a different life time.

You are here to experience the gift of life and you do not need anybody’s permission to do that.

How to start?

  • Live every day in the present and do things that make you happy. Wherever you are and whatever you do, give your full attention to it.
  • Forgive yourself for your past and forgive others. Only then you create the space in order to experience what you want.
  • Be willing to learn from others but never imitate them. Insist on yourself and find your own gifts. You will be happy when you discover them and share them.
  • Be willing to change anything that does not support you and serve you. May be people or places or things or anything else. In order to have something new, you have to create the space to come.
  • Love yourself, discipline yourself, respect others. Be aware of all of them.
  • Set a dream, a goal, a vision and focus on it. Be flexible, take inspire action and enjoy the journey, not for the accomplishment of the goal but of who you became through that journey.
  • Challenge your beliefs. The majority of them are not yours. Learn how to be aware of them and how to replace them with more empowered ones.
  • Find people that are open minded, supportive and their thinking resonate with yours.
  • Take time during the day in solitude. May be few minutes or an hour or more. Solitude allows the dust of pressure, desires, complains and opinions of others to clear.

Are you ready to travel the road less travelled?