Our daily life being a reflection of our past experiences. (Part 2)

We begin our life having as a reference point false assumptions and perceptions that will help us to actually start our life.

Those beliefs in an early age, as children became hard wiring programs. Became certain behaviours, attitudes, thoughts and opinions.

We adopted them from the society, dogmas and other people that they adopted from their grand generation.

We never question those beliefs and we never questioned them because we conditioned to think and act and behave as mass collective consciousness.

We trained from an early age that if we do that we will be accepted, we will be loved or we will be successful according the others opinions and beliefs. So, from an early age we learn to not listen our inner wisdom.

Our brain, as the most amazing computer ever existed, is hard wiring with those old programs and those programs became our main reference point on how we live life.

We never question those programs and at a very early age, so we lose our ability to discriminate.

Those old perceptions are illusions. They help us to grow and survive up to a certain level. However, you have to leave them and to start to develop new ones that support you and help you to grow, to evolve, to create and live your life with passion and under your own inner wisdom.

If you give permission to yourself to imagine and to create something new then your brain will assist you. Your brain is plastic. It has the ability to create concepts, realities, new programs and new parameters that support you.

We start living in a certain box, in a certain reality of a certain concepts and conclusions that are hard wired in our brain.

And we think, feel and act according those early neuro patterns that as an adult they run our life’s and control almost every aspect of our life.

You think certain way for certain people and a different way for others. You have pre – established opinions that you conditioned from an early age about every aspect of your life. About what to fear and what to not fear, success and failure, bad and good, beautiful and ugly and about how to approach problems

You have certain emotional reactions and tendencies or behaviours for every external condition that you have to face in your life.

You let life happening to you and you react with certain subconscious mechanisms that have been installed in your brain in the past.

When those external conditions are not possible to be resolved by your hard-wiring program then you start blaming the external conditions of your life, the people you associate with or even the weather and the place you live in.

You are the saboteur of your own life. The most challenging think for you is that in order to validate those subconscious mechanisms or programmes you start seeking information and solutions that confirm your emotional state. The moment that you confirm your emotional state you are having similar thoughts that originated from those old programs. You created a repetitive loop that drain your energy and your life.

You do not grow and you do not meet the problems from the state of expansion or by giving a solution. You are just trying to meet the conditions of life from the level of your subconscious patterns.

You don’t even think that you do that. Everybody around you is doing the same think and sharing the same experiences so you have the same frequency of dealing with life conditions, acting and thinking the same old way.

That mental-emotional loop is hard-wired neurologically in your brain and is controlling your life without even questioning your own thoughts.

Ultimately you have to change the way you think and the way you act.

In order to change here are some of my suggestions:

  1. You have first to accept and acknowledge what is happening.
  2. You have to seek new knowledge and information that will help you to install new perceptions/ beliefs to your brain. Those new patterns should help you to grow, expand, dream and start leaving according your own values.
  3. You have to be willing to change. If you keep giving you attention and energy to the old patterns while you try to create new ones, then the most possible is to intoxicate your new behaviours with your old tendencies.
  4. Find people that support you, inspire you and they are happy to help you through that process.
  5. Be patient. Your personality and the way you think and act and feel today is a result of many decades. The old patterns are very well wired in your brain. Your body will react physically, emotionally, mentally. Be aware of that, accept it and observe it.
  6. Through that transition period many things will start unfold or disappear in your life. You might feel that your life becomes chaotic but in order to give space to the New that is coming the old has to be left behind.
  7. Small changes every day that are stressing your comfort zone will help you to adapt more easily to the new changes.
  8. Eliminate toxic relationships from your life.
  9. Find tools that will help you to transcend the old beliefs like, meditation, mindfulness techniques, yoga classes, new exercise habits, new knowledge, inspiring books etc.

Keep exploring, keep evolving…

With love,