George Kallivretakis

I help genius people live an inspired life.

George is here to help you discover your true potential.

He loves transforming people’s lives and helping them change to create, to become what they want, and ultimately to live the life they have always imagined.

His personal journey allowed him to discover the beautiful strengths and abilities that each human being has and revealed to him an Inner Wisdom of who he really is.

Despite being successful in life on the outside, he was feeling disempowered and uninspired internally.

His commitment to find his own answers about life and his own truth led him to travel all over the world to study and train in many ancient teachings and philosophies, including the latest modalities of Psychology, Neuroscience, Mindfulness, Quantum physics, Energy healing, etc. (Read full CV). As a result George started to live an inspired life and began to use that knowledge in helping other people manifest what they wanted.

He coaches human beings all over the world to transform their lives. His coaching has a holistic approach as he trains the entire person: mentally, physically, emotionally, and energetically/spiritually.

During my coaching, be prepared to have a metamorphosis in your life; Be prepared to get out of your comfort zone; Be prepared to let go; Be prepared to build a new self, and be prepared to discover who you really are.

- CV -

  • NLP Master Practitioner, UK
  • mBraining Coach, UK
  • Phyck-K Facilitator, UK
  • Rebirthing Master Practitioner, USA
  • Landmark Education Training, UK
  • Energetic NLP training, UK
  • Heart-Brain Coherence Trainer, USA

1979  Born in Crete, Greece

2004  Degree in Dentistry, Romania

2007  Moved to England, UK

2011  MSc in Oral Surgery, Manchester, UK

2016  Started coaching

“Life will give you whatever experience is most useful for the evolution of your consciousness.
How do you know is this the experience you need?
Because this is the experience you are having at this moment.