Does our life have a purpose?

I often listen to people discussing about what is their destiny in this life, about their purpose, about plans that they have to accomplish, about goals they have to achieve and about paths that they have to follow.

In order to be fulfilled and in order for our life to have a meaning do we have to do all those things?

There is nothing wrong to think, dream and experience life. I believe that as long as you do not sacrifice the “now” moment and as long as you do not sacrifice the process of being for the doing then you can live a life by your own means.

I want you to ask yourself if on a daily basis you enjoy the journey of your life. And I want you to ask yourself if during the process of what you want to achieve you pay attention on the person you became.

Are you present with what you are doing?

Do you postpone your joy and happiness until the moment that you achieve some imaginary goals

I believe that it is truly inspiring to create, to dream, to imagine, and to offer your talents and your personal gifts to this world. Although, my deepest question to you is: how that should be related or not with a higher purpose in your life?

Quite often people get stuck with the idea that they must have a purpose or a certain path for their life. Our mind is in a continuous search, trying to find meaning in everything we do. The mind needs to feel safe and wants an explanation for everything. And here is where the majority of people start to stress their mind and their body for achieving, doing more and pushing themselves more.

Through the centuries, philosophers, mystics, gurus, artists and many others expressed their views and their ideas about why we are here and what we are supposed to do.

In my humble opinion, everybody is making these statements the way that they perceive their life, they have their point of view and everybody is right about their own life.

The question is, again, what is valid and important for yourself and for your life. People are often influenced by the social consciousness, by media, by the information that we receive through the internet and of course by their own close friends and so, trying to conform to what the masses think and do.

Great values like love, joy freedom, happiness and great ideas of abundance, spirituality, giving to others and many others became a target of a future time. Our ego is trapped in a loop of achieving more and trying to justify the meaning of that, as well as having us to do more instead of being.

Do you enjoy your life’s path, whatever that is? And if life is not as you may want to be, are you allowing it to give you something better? Are you allowing yourself to fail and to start again. Do you let you internal voices criticise you about what you are doing and what you are supposed to do?

There is not an important meaning about the purpose of life other than the meaning that you give to your own life.

There are more than 7 billion people in this world. Everyone is a creator with different intentions and wishes. Everyone wants different things and experiences.

Experiencing life is the biggest accomplishment of our presence in this world. Although, if we start comparing our life with somebody else’s life and if we start living according the other people’s expectations then we suicide our own individuality and what our heart desires.

I believe that if we have to give a meaning then it should be our own meaning according to what our heart desires and following our inner instinct. You are in peace with yourself when experiencing life by your own law.

There is no such thing as an expectation that you are supposed to do this or that. Live yourself for what you are, where you are, and what you are doing. You are not supposed to have an excuse to be here.

Take responsibility about what happened in your life so far, detach emotionally from what happened, embrace change and start experiencing the gift of life without an attached meaning to it.

The understanding of Living and creating by your own wishes, not for the goal but for the fulfilment of the person you became, will give a completely different path to what you experience though life.